Information for members

Club gear

Members have access to the club gear—communal gear to hire for those who need it.

Club contact list

The club maintains an electronic contact list, with member details, which is available to other members of the club. To get access to this list, email the membership secretary.

Club documents

AGM and committee meeting minutes, the constitution, child protection policy etc can be found here.

Kit lists

For members who are new to hillwalking or climbing, information on appropriate kit can be found via the MCofS, for summer and for winter.

Mountaineering Scotland affiliation

The Jacobites MC is affiliated to Mountaineering Scotland, and our members get various benefits from this. These include insurance, access to certain events and courses, the option to buy a card giving discounts at European alpine huts and access to a network of huts across Scotland. For more information see Mountaineering Scotland also produces a monthly email newsletter, and a quarterly magazine which you can get by email or post. You can opt-in or out of these by signing up at or you can email the membership secretary if you'd like us to change them for you.