Slide Show: Inver Croft

Chris B

The slideshow scheduled for 27th October:

"Inver: Jacobites turned a derelict croft into a favourite mountain hut" by Alan Walker.

Twenty seven years ago the Jacobites Mountaineering Club decided at an E.G.M. to become a proper grown-up club as demonstrated by its mountain hut. What hut, went the cry! Go yonder and find one the committee replied. The best the Expeditionary Team could come up with was a ruin on the wrong side the river and across the bog. But the rent was cheap, the building was solid, and the view magnificent. The conversion was an amazing team effort, and the later refurbishment nearly equalled the initial enthusiasm and effect. The Jacobites now provide one of Scotland's favourite mountain club-huts. This honorable history has been told before, but is worth repeating this month.