Corbett-bagging mission continues

Ros Clancy

Taking advantage of this nice dry settled spell Adrian and I headed early up the A9 with a glorious sunrise in pursuit of unbagged Corbetts. Strictly speaking, these were his unbagged corbetts – let it be noted, he owes me! Our destination, An Dun and A' Chaoirnich starting at the turn-off for Trinafour. These are fairly remote but easily accessed with bikes up a reasonable track and actually make for a fairly easy day for two corbetts. For starters you leave the car at 300 metres!

You leave your bikes (and your lunch!) by the wonderfully named and derelict Sronphadruig Lodge for a very steep but quick excursion up An Dun. This sits opposite A' Chaoirnich with a distinctively V shaped glen between but both corbetts are so steep sided that in fact the best way is to return from where you started – and have lunch! A Chaoirnich can be accessed less steeply and the inevitable peat hags and boggy ground that one associates with walks in this area was happily less wet than usual. Beware the large imposter cairn – the true summit is a very small pile of stones much further along the plateau. We saw plovers flying off. No rutting elk, but certainly much bellowing of the red deer variety.