Call for Journal Articles

Alec Erskine

The 2016 Journal is currently being prepared but needs a lot more content. We want articles, photographs or other possible inclusions (poems, drawings). They can be serious or humorous, highbrow or low brow. Subject matter can be climbing, walking, skiing, running, bothying, teashopping, festering or any other frolics in the mountains that you’ve indulged in. Some connection to mountains is probably all we ask, and keep them clean(ish). They don’t have to be about hard climbing – often the most readable stuff comes from other angles.

I think a trend towards more photos is to be encouraged so please submit any favourite photos you’ve taken with a title and a paragraph.

Finally it is traditional to write some accounts of climbing achievement. Please send in all new routes achieved in the last two years plus any adventurous trips.

Please email everything to