Work Meet - 3rd to 5th June 2016

Adrian Proctor

This year's work meet at Inver Croft will take place on 3rd to 5th June. I will actually be up there on the evening of Thursday 2nd, and I have a lorry arriving on Friday with the timber we need for the next section of walkway. This year we're going to build a new section between the bridge and the section we built last year, replacing the old walkway with a new, higher one. There is 65m to build, which is actually only just over half what we built last year, but this section will take a bit longer and there is the old walkway to dismantle. The timber which is fit to be re-used will need to be transported back to the hut and stored, probably below the bunks in the byre. We'll use that for the final walkway section next year.

We also intend to clean out the big tank on the water supply and also give the hut itself a good clean. There are some small jobs in the byre to finish off too.

We will provide the necessary tools, and we also provide all the food for Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. I'm hoping that we'll get most of the work done on Saturday, so Sunday will just be clearing up and hopefully there'll be time for a bit of a walk or a climb.

Please let Adrian know if you're going to be coming along, so that we can co-ordinate transport and also make sure we have enough food for everyone.